Good news, Grubby Monster Games has just been certified a Zombie Free Game by the USDU. Many companies tout that their games contain only organic zombies or free range zombies but I think that clearly misses the point.  A number companies even claim to be zombie free while replacing their zombies with imitation zombie.  Again, we can all agree, this is not really what today's modern zombie free gamer is looking for.  Not only is it a cheap substitute its also a gateway game to more zombie filled games. Oh sure it starts out small but pretty soon you are playing games that are practically 100% undead.

Certified Zombie Free!

Its also important to note that the USDU has very strict guidelines about not only the use of the living challenged in the content of a game but in the making of a game.  As we are all aware most major corporations in the gaming industry have replaced the bulk of their developers with zombies for little to no pay.  Even companies that don't directly use zombies are primarily outsourcing to countries with less restrictive laws regarding the use and abuse of the undead in the software development industry.   I could go on all day but just be confident that when you play a Grubby Monster Game, currently one, you can be certain that no zombies were harmed in the making of the game.