Help Desk Hell & Odyssey were levels created for a game platform called Kyle's Quest.  There was no programming involved however the Kyle’s Quest platform required flags and logic to make the game flow as well as some really rudimentary graphics (Although I used a lot of pre-existing graphics).   At one point I counted over 100K downloads from the many shareware sites that hosted them (remember those).  It was a moment in time where there was a great appetite for small indie games and not a lot of supply.  I had long since lost the files, palm pilot, and game engine to play these but recently (thanks to google) was able to find and cobble together the pieces needed to play these games again!  

Help Desk Hell was loosely based on the job I had at the time and was short but tons of fun to create.   Odyssey was a bit more of a traditional RPG where I experimented with side quests, collecting objects, and a non-linear but clean set of goals.  I even used a ‘feature’ of the game engine where dying meant you started over at the beginning and most people would restore a save point.  One of the quests brings you to Hades where you are certain to die after he says no living man can enter.  If you don’t restore the game you realize all the NPCs cant see you and you can see ghosts.  (you can also redo the entire gladiator quest as a ghost and get a super duper powerful ghost sword).  In any case, this was my early introduction to the world of indie games.  

If anyone is interested, the link below will download the files you need to play.  You may notice, if you do in fact get it to work, that the characters move at lighting speed.  I suspect the game speed was controlled entirely by the limitation on the hardware at the time and not with a timer. DISCLAIMER: The emulator was free as was the KQ game (the paid version allowed for saving), my files were always free, and only the ROM required a license.  The ROM would be generated by connecting your owned Palm Pilot and downloading it.  However, since the company went out of business it’s probably ok to use the one I included in the link below for demonstration purposes only.

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