Cloud Control Seed Co is dedicated to bringing you the freshest most delicious produce possible. Unlike other seed companies we want to go that extra mile. Their carrots might make you see better but can they make you see better in the dark? Probably not. Our patented irradiated genetically modified seed combinator is the key to our success and your key to a brighter future. That's not just marketing jargon, there is a very good chance you will literally glow in the dark. 

Our detractors say that the outbreak of sentient produce and subsequent sentient clouds points to a flaw in our science, we think this is actually proves the opposite. When your fruit goes bad do you have to cut it open to find out or can you just ask it? When was the last time a grape told you it was ready to be picked? 

Sure, sentient clouds have proven to be difficult to work with but that's where you come in. We need you to control them, keep them in line, and make sure they provide the precious irradiated water our produce so desperately needs. So if you think you are up to challenge join our cause, a better brighter future awaits!

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